20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (2024)

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Passionate about matcha green tea? Whether it’s the best matcha latte, matcha cookies, or tiramisu, here are some of our favorite matcha recipes you can enjoy every day and on special occasions.

20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (1)

Set as a trendy flavor at the forefront of the culinary scene, matcha (抹茶), or green tea powder, has taken the world by storm in recent years. Trendy or not, matcha is a long-standing staple in Japan that never goes out of style.

Made from whole green tea leaves that have been pulverized into a fine powder, matcha embodies Japanese tradition and is best known for its beneficial antioxidants like catechins, vitamic C, and L-theanine.

The unmistakable green hue, intense earthy flavor, and versatility are what make matcha an outstanding ingredient. It comes in both ceremonial grade and food-grade, allowing you to enjoy green tea as a beverage or use it as a flavoring in baking and cooking.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite matcha recipes that you can enjoy every day or on special occasions. Let’s bring on the matcha magic!

Table of Contents

  • 20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try at Home
  • Quick Tips on Making The Best Matcha Recipes
  • Where to Buy Quality Matcha Powder
  • Health Benefits of Matcha

20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try at Home

1. Matcha Latte

Invigorating and calming, this Matcha Green Tea Latteis the obvious alternative to espresso, especially on a chilly day.The best part? It gives you a gentle caffeine boost and energizes you without the jitters. For dairy-free and vegan options, you can use oat milk. Some people use coconut milk, but I personally find the taste overpowering.

“Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been making matcha lattes for a while but wanted to improve it and this definitely did that” — Julia

2. Iced Matcha Latte

20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (3)

Prefer a cool drink? This Iced Matcha Latte will keep you energized all day long.

3. Matcha Cookies

Perfect for a cozy afternoon snack or for your cookie swap during the holiday season, these Matcha Green Tea Cookies are buttery and crispy. They are just as delicious without the white chocolate chips.

“This is my all-time favorite cookie recipe. Matcha isn’t very popular in my country, so these always satisfy my cravings for it. And I get a ton of smiles when I hand them out too.” — SRD

4. Matcha Basque Cheesecake

Basque cheesecakewith matcha flavor? Yes, please. You’ll love the lingering sweet green tea flavor in this custardy cheesecake.

“I have made it several times over the last month, so I can master it but also because the family always want more! One week I even made it twice. Thanks for all your tips.” — Jenny

5. Matcha Marble Pound Cake

20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (6)

Buttery, tender, and bursting with the green tea flavor, this Matcha Marble Pound Cake is a crowd-winner. As it tastes better the next day, definitely make it ahead.

”I am very happy with how this turned out. It’s tender and moist but not overly greasy or buttery like some other recipes. The taste is really exquisite. It has a subtle but deep flavor. I used ceremonial-grade matcha that’s sweet and not bitter, and I think the higher quality makes a huge difference in the outcome.” — Kumi

6. Matcha Madeleines 抹茶マドレーヌ

Classic French cookies with a Japanese twist, these Matcha Madeleines make the most dreamy sweet treat. Invite your friends over and enjoy them with a cup of Japanese tea like sencha, hojicha, or genmaicha.

7. Matcha Smoothie

If you are looking for a power morning drink or a pick-me-up, this Matcha Smoothie is a smart refreshing choice. All you need is banana, almond milk, and matcha powder.

“Another delicious recipe Nami, all ingredients blends well and complements each other.” — Lesley

8. Matcha Ice Cream

The ideal flavor of matcha ice cream should be a perfect balance of earthy, sweet, and slightly bitter.Let me show you how you should be making matcha ice cream just like the quality ones we get in Japan! You’ll need only 4 simple ingredients.

“It’s been hard to find matcha ice cream in UK grocery stores and I’m so glad I came across this recipe. WOW, amazing flavor and such an easy-to-follow recipe.” — Jane

9. Matcha Souffle Pancakes

20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (10)

The matcha pancakes are super airy and fluffy like you’re eating cottony clouds! Top them with homemade whipped cream, maple syrup, and an extra sprinkling of green tea powder.

“Very tasty recipe! The instructions were very thorough and clear too, which I appreciated.” — Macy

10. Matcha Chocolate

20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (11)

You can now recreate one of the most popular Japanese souvenirs at home with this decadentMatcha Chocolate (or Matcha Nama Chocolate) recipe.

“Wow! I’m forever grateful for this recipe… I still can’t get over the fact how easy this was and how well it turned out.” — Romy

11. Matcha Swiss Rolls

Fluffy sponge cake with a swirl of fresh matcha cream filling, it’s hard to stop at just one slice. To achieve the perfect texture, do not over mix the batter.

“As an aspiring culinary student, I honestly really enjoyed this recipe the two times I made it. I’m ready for round 3.” — Stephen S

12. Matcha Tiramisu

20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (13)

Call this a modern Japanese twist on the classic Italian dessert.

“This is honestly just one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten in my life. I’ve always been a fan of tiramisu, and normally I prefer to keep it as its traditional thing (or else it turns into something else, surely?!). But, but, but…This is otherworldly.”

13. Matcha Souffle

Fluffy souffléaccented with green tea powder, this Matcha Souffléis the dessert to serve when you’re feeling extra fancy. Go ahead to top it off with a dollop of hand-whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

14. How To Make Matcha (Japanese Green Tea)

Drinking this beloved Japanese tea every morning is the best way to enjoy the health benefits of green tea. If you’d like to create a ritual of drinking matcha regularly, I recommend getting simple tools such as a chawan (tea bowl) and a chasen (matcha whisk) for your tea making. Learn how to make the perfect cup today!

“I learned a great deal from your thoughtful article and the way you presented the matcha recipe.” — Tony

15. Matcha Chiffon Cake

Made with eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, cake flour, and green tea powder, this Matcha Chiffon Cake is moist and spongy. A perfect light cake for a crowd, you can bake it ahead of time.

“Loved this cake, served it with fruit and cream. It was a hit!” — Mary

16. Matcha Steamed Cake

Steamed Cake or Mushi Pan (蒸しパン) is a light, fluffy, and soft cake. Because they are steamed, these Green Tea Mushi Pan make a wonderful snack for little kids.

“I have made this recipe about 30 times, its super easy to make and is delicious.” — Brad

17. Matcha Gateau au Chocolat

A Japanese rendition of the classic French chocolate cake! Made with white chocolate and green tea, this Matcha Gateau au Chocolat is rich, moist, and intensely flavorful. Warm it up slightly before you enjoy it—the melty texture is to die for!

“I made this cake last weekend for my son’s birthday. It was a big success, we all enjoyed it so much.” — Helen S

18. Ujikintoki (Matcha Shaved Ice)

A traditional Japanese matcha shaved ice dessert, Ujikintoki is a summer must-try recipe! With a simple shaved ice machine, you and your family can enjoy this refreshing treat all summer long. Have fun with toppings such as red bean paste, shiratama dango, sweetened condensed milk, and green tea ice cream.

19. Matcha Donuts

First we need to be honest: These wildly popular donuts Matcha Donuts in Japan are downright addictive! The homemade versions are baked so they are healthier.Skip the chocolate glaze if you prefer less sweet.

“I made these yesterday and OMG they are so good!” — Charity

20. Matcha Pudding

Smooth and delicate triple layered Matcha Pudding with Japanese red bean paste, this elegant dessert is easier to make than you think. Serve this as an after-dinner dessert for a small crowd. Your guests will be impressed!

Quick Tips on Making The Best Matcha Recipes

I recommend using high-quality matcha and choosing matcha imported from Japan as the processing is more consistent. The color should be in vibrant green and smell fresh and aromatic.

In general, you’ll find two main grades of matcha: ceremonial and culinary.

1.) Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality matcha powder and is meant to drink solely as a tea mixed with hot water. We usually use it for special occasions or at tea ceremonies.

2.) Culinary grade matcha is suitable for baking but the quality still matters.

Once you open the matcha packaging, be sure to use it after a month of opening. Matcha powder loses flavor and color easily, which can affect the results of your matcha baked goods.

20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (22)

Where to Buy Quality Matcha Powder

I personally get my matcha from Ippodo Tea Co.(一保堂),which sells matcha in different grades.

You can find pure matcha powder at Japanese grocery stores like Mitsuwa, Marukai, and Nijiya.

Matcha is also available at specialty tea stores, Asian grocery stores, or gourmet stores. If buying online, please be careful and check the labels first. Make sure there are no added ingredients or other additives.

Health Benefits of Matcha

Looking to learn more about matcha? Click hereto discover the history, preparation, health benefits, and so on.

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20 Matcha Recipes You Must Try At Home (2024)


How to make matcha taste good at home? ›

Don't add straight boiling water. It can burn the delicate leaves and make even the best matcha taste bitter. It's best to set boiling water to the side for at least 5-minutes or use an electric tea kettle with an adjustable temperature setting.

What is the best thing to mix matcha? ›

Traditional matcha green tea is made with just green tea powder and water, but you can also easily make a latte by finishing your drink with steamed milk. I love to make mine with almond milk, coconut milk, or homemade oat milk. Whisk again until foamy, sweeten to taste, and enjoy!

What are good matcha flavor combos? ›

As promised, here are some of our favorite matcha flavor pairings you must try!
  • Tahini.
  • Umami-Rich Vegetables.
  • Meat.
  • Mizuba Matcha Dan Dan Noodles with Pork Larb. Fish & Shellfish.
  • Black Sesame.
  • Dark Chocolate.
  • White Chocolate.
  • Banana.
Oct 23, 2023

Is matcha OK everyday? ›

Research has suggested that 338 mg of catechin and EGCG per day is safe for adults to consume. This is the amount in around 4 g of matcha, or 2 level teaspoons ( 17 , 1 ). However, the maximum tolerable intake of matcha powder may depend on the individual. To be safe, make sure to consume matcha in moderation.

Is matcha better with water or milk? ›

You want polyphenols in your diet, and good matcha is chock-full of them. But if you put milk in your matcha you're taking away much of the goodness, so please stop doing that! They key is to drink better matcha. You won't even miss the milk.

What is the healthiest way to drink matcha powder? ›

If you want to reap all the health benefits that come hand-in-hand with matcha green tea, the best way to drink matcha is with as little sugar and honey as possible. A little bit never hurts every once in a while, but making a habit of drinking real, organic matcha will help you feel great all day long.

What can you not mix with matcha? ›

If you do like to drink Matcha latte style, we recommend ditching the dairy and choosing plant-based milk instead. Here are the key reasons why: Dairy Milk contains a protein called Casein which binds itself to the Catechins. Catechins are plant-based compounds that are antioxidant-rich and are found in Matcha.

Why can't you use metal with matcha? ›

Matcha green tea is a fabulous weapon for our beauty, weight loss and health. However, drinking matcha green tea using a stainless steel bottle or cup, may suppress pharmacological activities due to chelation that metal ion from stainless steel bonds to the chelating agent, catechins in matcha green tea.

How to drink matcha for weight loss? ›

3 Easy Ways to Burn Fat and Lose Weight
  1. Add Matcha to Your Workout Water Bottle. Fill about three-quarters of your workout bottle with cool water. ...
  2. Drink Matcha Around 3:00 p.m. ...
  3. Drink Matcha Before Any Physical Activity.

What do Japanese eat with matcha? ›

In Japanese tea ceremonies, ceremonial matcha is served alongside traditional Japanese sweets called wagashi. The bitterness of matcha is a nice complement to the sweetness of the wagashi.

Does cinnamon pair well with matcha? ›

I'm excited to share the recipe for my go-to matcha latte with you! The cinnamon helps balance out the taste of strong green tea. This makes a nourishing and antioxidant-rich replacement to coffee, leaving you calm with a gentle buzz.

What milk goes best with matcha? ›

For some people, whole milk may not taste as good in matcha lattes. because it has a strong dairy taste. that can overpower the delicate flavors of matcha, making the latte feel thick and heavy. The next best options are oat, soy, almond, macadamia, and even coconut milk.

Does matcha tea burn belly fat? ›

The tea naturally increases your body's total calories burned by boosting your metabolic rate. It also increases the heat produced by the body during physical activity. This sends a signal to the body to burn off more calories and get rid of fat stores in different areas, such as the belly.

Is it OK to drink matcha on an empty stomach? ›

Avoid drinking Matcha on an empty stomach. It can lead to stomach upset. Don't drink Matcha tea at the same time as your main meals, as it can reduce the absorption of vitamin B1 in your body, which lead to a condition named Beriberi. After 5pm in the evening, due to the caffeine.

Is matcha good for gut health? ›

Matcha green tea is made from powdered green tea leaves. Unlike regular green tea, Matcha green tea is believed to exert beneficial effects on the gut microbiota, as it is richer in nutrients such as tea catechins and insoluble dietary fiber.

Why does my matcha not taste good? ›

Use the right water temperature

Never brew matcha with boiling water. This is one of the main reasons why matcha can taste bad. Boiling water will make your matcha taste bitter. The ideal water temperature when brewing matcha is approximately 70-80 degrees celsius.

How do you fix bitter matcha? ›

If you find tea to be too bitter and want to reduce the bitterness without using salt, there are several alternative methods you can try:
  1. Adjust Brewing Time: The bitterness in tea often comes from overbrewing. ...
  2. Lower Water Temperature: Brewing tea at a lower temperature can also help reduce bitterness.
Sep 10, 2022

Is matcha better with cold or hot water? ›

So, is matcha more effective hot or cold? If you enjoy matcha for flavour, then you may prefer to brew it cold to avoid killing any of the taste. If you prefer drinking matcha for the health benefits it may offer, then those benefits may be more effective in your body if the matcha is brewed with hotter water.

Can I just add water to matcha powder? ›

Cold brew matcha is the easiest and best way to make a delicious, refreshing, and healthy cup of iced matcha! This cold brew matcha “recipe” is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just scoop the matcha into a lidded jar or thermal container, add water (or coconut water) and ice, and shake it like crazy!


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