CSL Plasma - Durham, NC - Reviews, Appointment & Contact (2024)

Malachi Smith

I don’t see how people rely on this place as a source of income. I try to come 5/6 times once twice a year for the new doner fees. All my info is in the system so it makes it quick. But aside from always being understaffed it’s always an issue. You can come here and be sure there’s a reason why they’re opening late or not at all. Staff usually treats people like less than people. A lot of the regulars are obnoxious.

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Danielle Jones

They do not give out bandages that explains the blood drops over the place! Ewlllll…

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Jenette Arreola

The past two visits I’m made, they’ve been closed during ‘open’ hours. I waited on Wed. the 21st for 30 min (8-8:30 am), and again, just now (7/25/2021) from 12-12:30 pm. Extremely inconvenient and annoying! The first visit, I waited 3 hours due to registration- which is stated online; however, I find unnecessary and ridiculous. I wasn’t even able to donate due to a low pulse. I’m an athlete; if I sit around for 3 hours, of course my heart rate will be low! When I was able to donate, there’s a line- usually outside the entrance door. The security guard doesn’t appreciate people waiting outside, and usually lets individuals who weren’t waiting outside the door inside first (ex. those who waited in their vehicles). Once you’re in, if you haven’t already done so with the CSL app, you must answer a questionnaire which consists of 62 questions. Then of course, wait in line until someone’s available to screen you (fingerstick, pulse, temp., etc). Usually, only one or two employees perform the screening- which can be quite a wait as there are tons of people attempting to donate plasma everyday! What brings individuals here is the compensation. I was paid $100 and $125 the previous times I donated. However, after 8 successful donations, the compensation decreases by half. The donation process itself is ~45 min in length. I recommend you bring a book or tablet for entertainment because, as I’ve described in this review, you will surely wait 1.5-3 hours each visit. On a positive note, friendly staff- just a limited amount of employees!

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Anthony Guatemala

I came in here didn’t know what days I could come in next and a old blk lady picked my finger didn’t care to put a bandage then said I can’t donate today I asked nicely ok well what days can I donate and she yelled saying what days and said next.. I left with blood dripping all over my hands… this place has rude disrespectful old lady if I could give this place 0 stars I would dont come here instead go to the one in Raleigh or Burlington this place is the worst plasma center I’ve ever been too

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Sean Steele

They get the job done. They don’t make you come donate. It’s your choice! Easy money with/without job. And helps others.

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Marcos Contreras

Overall it’s a good location to donate plasma but I have noticed some things. First off they have a sign that they occasionally put up saying that they are closed as a result of plumbing issues. Now the first time it happened I didn’t question it I went home and came back another day. Now I’m seeing it again, on a different day. I was waiting outside, even after everyone else left. When they thought everyone left, the security guy came to the front and looked like he was about to open the door until he saw me and then he left.

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Roann Lara

Nice establishment. Very nice staff. The facility is clean. The beds you sit in during your donation are comfy to make donating comfortable and relaxing. The employees are very professional and informative. Easy check in, just go to the kiosk check in and get screened and youre good to go.

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john lara

Overall a good experience, can’t beat getting some money for your free time. First time donors take awhile to get in processed. After that the process is pretty quick and simple.

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Man today was the best experience I’ve had thank you Jada big shout out quick no wait and very very nice glad I came…

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Rick Dee

A few months ago they were very understaffed and we had to wait outside for three hours before being allowed in. After that the process took another hour. Lately they have more staff and it’s a good deal quicker. They could pay attention better to when you’re finished donating and unhook you quicker. Seems some of the newbies aren’t quite up to snuff yet and you hear rumblings of discontent and see employees throwing shade at each other. Hopefully they’ll get things running more efficiently.

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CSL Plasma - Durham, NC - Reviews, Appointment & Contact (2024)


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