The Evening Times from Sayre, Pennsylvania (2024)

THE EVENING TIMES, THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 5, 1953 Savre, Athens, South Waverly, and Waverly, N.Y PAGE TWO Contributors to Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Marroni, Leo A. Swan, Mr.

and Mrs. Paul L. Shedden, Sarah A. Dugan, Margaret C. Dugan, Hannah M.

Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. John Baird, Mrs. Lucy Bradley, Leonard Donahue, Mr. and Mrs.

Gabriel Latini, Mr. and Mrs. Newell Bidwell, Thomas Pawley. sted Chest Are Li Mrs. Daniel Leahy, Mr.

and Mrs. James Lowe family, Robert Noone, Edward O'Connor, Reagan's Jewelry, Richard H. Sachs, Donald M. Simmons, Harry Walter, H. Adella Wilson, Mrs.

Margaret Gilliland, Ruth Cooley, Lora Scott, Mary Mullaly. Lois Potter, Lillian K. Kehrli, Lothar Hutter, Anne-A. Flora Margaret C. Herson, Shirley Shirley Roberts, Dri Harry R.

Zemmer, Alice Miller, Bertha Forbes, Carlton K. Rounds, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Coats, Blue Swan Mills, John S. Stetz, Morris N.

Johnson, Louis E. Alexander; Capital finance Co. W. Bishop N. Garrison, Sayre Building Loan Mr.

and Mrs. Albe M. Russell, and. Mrs. Criarles G.

Barber, S1ella: Eberlin, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schweiger, Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeKay, Stanley J.

Ginalski, Mr. and' Mrs. Frank D. Loveland, Mrs. Bertha Cly-mer, Mr.

and Mrs. Edward Timm, Mrs. Kelmer Kester, Mr. and Fred A. Johns, John L.

Libert, Patsy Daddona, Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Titus, Leo Bonney, Mr. and Mrs.

George L. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bowman, Mr. and Mrs.

Merritt VanValkner, Mr. and Mrs. Le-Roy Hulbirt. and Mrs. Wesley F.

and Mrs. Rudolph Mr. Mrs. E. W.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Grell, Walter P. Minier, Mr. and Mrs.vDavid Burchell, Mr.

and Mrs. R. Herman Nobles, Mrs. Leon Teed, Mr. and Mrs.

Erwin Community Center Calendar Following is a partial list of contributors to the Sayre Com; munity Chest 1953 campaign. Additional contributors will be listed tpmorrow. Sayre Land Water Koh-ler Pontiac Wolf Furniture Potter's, James Cullen, Harold Cook, Richard A.iMc-Sparron, Walter J. Harrison, General Telephone Northern Penn Power James D. Burkhart, Dr.

G. C. Meikle, Benjamin S. Greene, Ruth West, Archie E. Macafee, Sayre Floral Valley Coal Co.

MOOSE Lodge Meeting TONIGHT Lampman, Mrs. Rose Duggan, Mrs. Frank Donald, and Mrs. William Miles, Mr. and Mrs.

Edward Bailey, Elwyn Hox-sie. Kenneth Kuehn, Mr. and Mrs George C. Lacey, Mr. and Mrs.

Fred L. Shaffer, Donna L. Shaffer, Mrs. Gail Bostwick, Mr. and Mrs.

Richard Lacey, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bartlett, Jay T. Scan-lin, H. Austin Snyder, Mrs.

Helen Newhouse, Dr. Jesse T. Littleton, Dr. G. W.

Hawk, Raymond K. Bolinger, John Calabucci; Dorothy Mason, Thomas Gehris, Theodore Miller, Beatrice Meyer, Mary M. Merva, Mrs. Alice Ayers. Dorothy Warner, Marie Hink-ley, Edna G.

Rogers, Dorothy White, Katherine O'Hearn, Nellie Bowen, Sidney Gordon, Kath-ryn Page, Esther Blair, Margaret Gailey, Shirley Whitbeck, Mabel Cunningham, Carl Jennings, Frank Boughton, Lydia Morton, Doris Dunham Mike Elinski. Arlie Strange, Frank Macyn-ski, Dorothy Gorsline, Rosie Rose, Mary. Mahaney, Hilda Crossley, Margaret Merrill, Anne Swartz, Genevieve Coon, Genevieve Giess, Jack Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Peter tee*tsel, Mrs.

E. J. Sylvester, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bennett, Willis Green, William R.

Green, Mrs. Dan Stolicker, Mrs. Harry A. Shaffer, Michael Altieri, Mr. and Mr.

Orie Wells. I LoVe's Beauty Salon, Boyle's Book Store, Sayre Recreation, Daker's Hat Shoppe, Raub's Antique Store, Roseman Antique Dealer, Cash Cred Appliance, Solock Service Station, Haner's Grocery, Bonning's Grocery. Star Building Loan, Miner's Market, O'Neil's Jewelry, Joe's Sporting Shop, LoVe's Barber Shop, Dugan's, Women's Society Christian Service, Valley Players, Accordion Band, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Retail Division, Business Professional Women's Clufl, Women's Assn. of Presbyterian Church, Clinton Shaffer, Mrs. Ann F.

Vosburgh, Jerome Murphy. George W. Thomas, Peter L. Copie, Samuel Abrams, Frank C. Miles, George Weising, James Hammond, Paul E.

Wolcott, Howard Green, E. Manley Rowe, William Skerpon, Mrs. Jesse Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Butts, Mrs.

Alice Skinkle, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bagley, Mrs. Harriet Coddington, Gladys Bee. man, Mr.

and Mrs. Nelson Griffith. Mrs. John Hill, Michael H. McCabe, Mrs.

Marie Howey, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Welty, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Flood, Mr.

and Mrs. George Drake. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Glose, Mrs.

Olga Young, Mr. and Mrs. James Arey, Carl F. Etshman, Michael S. Young, Mr.

and Mrs. John An-gelo, Erma Duggan, Chester J. D. Taff, John R. Lynch, James J.

Lynch, John E. Haas, Lester VanLewen, John F. Sudnick, Howard M. Reynolds. Mrs.

Minnie Burlingham, Maurice Epstein, William F. Hillsman, Max M. Williamson, Harlan A. MacMorran, William E. Lehr, Robert F.

Adam, Mrs. John Polinsky, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Drew, Patricia Murray, Mrs Patricia Cheresnow-sky, Jessie M. Fuller, Mr.

and Mrs. Brando Melani, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kiederling, Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Kepner, Mrs. Pearl L. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mary Mr.

and Mrs. Albert Shelly. Christine Marroni, Mr. and Mrs. George Strayves, Antoinette Mangialardo, Caroline Mangialardo, Mr.

arid Mrs. Anthony Cannavino, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Searfoss, Gueriho Mangialardo, Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Mangialardo, Allegrucci, Virginia Fondecchia, Mrs. Edith Fondecchia, Mr. and Mrs. Vim cenzo DeSisto, Rev. and- Mrs.

Eugene Bachtalovsky, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Daddona, Andrew Zuppv John Cannavino, Walter Cheresnowsky, Joann D. Ferro. Mr.

and Mrs. Joseph Monchak, Mary Haluska, Minnier E. White, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R.

Manuel, Jordan's News Stand, Sager's Restaurant, Hospital Shoe Service, Cannavino's Food Market, Palumbo's Grocery, Albert E. Theetge, Per Thursday Brownies, Health and Strength club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Accordion Band, Junior Rifle Club, Chess and Checkers club, volleyboll In the gym, ping-pong, darts. Friday No teen age activities due to the Sayre-Corning Free Academy football game. Saturday Dance in the gym, dancing from 8 p.m. till 11 p.m..

fection Laundry, Paluzzi Haggerty's Appliance Center, Chacona's Diner, Sayre Motel, Bolich Hardware, Community Dry Cleaners, Armstrong Music House, Glaser's Gift Shop, Glaser's Rexall Drug, Weiss Store, Valley- Cities 1 Gas, Stein's Mens Shop, W. Grant Co. -Jacob W. Adam, James W. Davenport, Lawrence Wimbrow, Frank P.

Coleman, James H. Foster, Dr. 'John0 M. Higgins, Joseph Mullirts, Gerald T. Clover, William H.

Baird, Harold Yingling.v Edmond A. E. F. Ashley H. M.

Hair Son, Murrelle Printing LaBarr LaBarr, Forrest House, Morris R. Wright, Corne-by Lumber J. J. Newberry Barber Funeral Home, Rockman Clothing, Sayre Theatre, Personal Finance Hicks Collins, Russell Mentzer, William Kaplan, David C. Meyer, Frank V.

Allen. Alter! Funeral Max Cohen, Michael DeSisti, Daniel E. Evans, Theodore M. Focht, Garrison-Kolb Oldsmobile, Stan-ley J. Harris, I.

L. G. W. U. The Committee for HUNT and HUGO APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT SHOWN BY THE VOTERS OF 3rd and 4th WARDS Two Airmen Saved By Ground Crews Seward Air Force Base, Tenn.

(UP) Quick action on the part of ground crews prevented possible death or Injury to two Air Force men, one of them Capt. Maurice Fleisher of Elkins Park, Pa. Daniel M. Goeltz, Harold Local 365, Dr. Samuel J.

Kresge, E. Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. William The ground crews rushed Into action Tuesday when a bomber, piloted by Cap. Fleisher, crashed and burned while landing after a routine flight here.

Fleisher and St. Ira B. Rogers, of Jacksonville suffered bruises and scratches. The crews reached the scene In 30 seconds, Lt. E.

S. Sprak-er, base public Information officer, said. He added that "engine failure" caused the crash. Glencairn Born to James and Dorothy Shlpman Ellison of Newport News, a daughter Oct. 21.

They named her Ellen May. Mrs. Shlpman is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo E.

Shlpman. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ship-man returned to their home here Friday from their wedding trip through the mid southern states. They visited Mr.

Shlpman's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. James Ellison and children, Kathleen, Harriet, James Jr. and Ellen May of Newport News, Va. Some points Interest they visited were Lexington and the Grand Caverns at Grottoes, Va.

They returned home by way of Shennandoah Valley. Frank Hoffman attended New York State Grange at Elmira last week. La Verne Ackley did his farm chores for him. Mr. and Mrs.

Edwin Morse enjoyed dinner with Mrs. William Moore of Waverly, Monday. Charlea Carman of Athens spent Thursday and Friday with Howard Walker and children while their wives and Mrs. Lottie Shores of Athens enjoyed a trip to Gaithersburg, Md. Mrs.

Joel Bennett returned to her OUR PRICES TMiPi 0v oil NAMES YOU KNOW yM lffW XT ivjgvUL JEWELERS SILVERSMITH Si Vi f. i I A Pre rffi i Wi jJJiMill JGlIII Save 2 This 17J Waterproof Watch Sells For '29 The Photq-Ident Watch Band Sells For 975 'fi If TOTAL PRICE OF BOTH 3950 SJ UfI1T 3 Pc. Aluminom) fj I Easy Wall Tp BUTTER SERVER YOU 1 33pL CAN OPENER lvalue i ni J5J in ffiiv Arr fnlfnl ONLY 50, WEEKLY ly- MffJ Ser'vt wi 0, JM Your Picture Taken A fV J5hS I n) fTj rn With A Polaroid I I Hol- 7e eeT. -MM Weekly LAND CAMERA Ig SnT Never Before NO TURNING Offered At And Developed J- kj curDAUIUP NO LOST BEAUTY This Low Price In 60 Seconds I tNuKAVINU ITVii' IlHltllKriy "4' fX The Portion Desired And Insert It Holds 2 Pictures, Both In Icemen. MaU Tour Oversea t.

flUK Of Diamonds In This SpSWTOt Picture In Your Photo-Ident View when Ident Is Opened. Gifts Now. ikk18 iikF' DSAMOKD World Famous WEDDIKC BAND yy monarch mftGh yrasp t4 StL mtr-- down weekly 11;" m- LODGE RINGS I ffm $9'95 valub cggmn Fenws Tl (S8 AMS WeLfeSe With Diamonds .95 fSm $44jirS mJ I pins Frora $1'50 home in Athens with them after having spent a few days in Washington, D. C. Mr.

and Mrs. Bert Peppard of Elmira were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith and sons James and Stanley. Mr.

and Mrs. Earl Howell and children Diane and Patty of Sullivanville were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. William Williams. Saturday visitors of Mr.

and Mrs. Howard Walker and chil-dren were Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Carman of Clintondale, N. Mr.

and Mrs. D. 0. Shupp of aayre, Mr. ana Mrs.

Edward Ropp and daughter Gail, and Patty Machutes of South Wav erly. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Oseood and son Donald of Barnes Hill spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Nelson and daughter Melody. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ammer-man of Orange Hill spent Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs.

Lee A. Shipman and children. Mr. and Mrs. William Williams spent a few days recently with Mrs.

Williams' niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilcox of Johnson City, and call-ed on other relatives there. Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Nelson called on their mother, Mrs. Isa-belle Nelson of Endicott Friday. Mrs. Pearl J. Hoffman and granddaughter, Jeanne Hoffman called on Mrs.

Albert Meissner and family. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Strope and children of Towanda spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs.

Edwin Morse. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Goodwin and son Burton ol Nichols were Saturday visitors ol. Mr.

and Mrs. Stephen R. Shipman and sons. Sunday visitors off Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Nelson daughter Melody were Mr and Mrs. Lloyd Ackley and sons of Lock-wood and friends from Horse-heads, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyer of Halsey Valley. Mrs.

Leo E. Shipman called Mrs. Edwin Morse, Sunday. I 44c DOWN 50c WEEKLY Similar Savings on Other Char lifSSa LNX QrSB JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS, i Vl 88c DOWN ooUSH NtEOEOlf NgtSTOpiS 'IfWlT 4 S--l PRICE 50c WEEKLY WOl Ml.mW MM 1 mjM ini.ij i inn wgWMWW.y.jwajjMjfy-ijjtn aiwmi.JW'' Vi) wmwuMni-n awm wmrnmm mm acter Watches For The Kiddies About 28 per cent of U. S.

public school children ride In school buses..

The Evening Times from Sayre, Pennsylvania (2024)


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